Friday, July 13, 2012

Fashion-forward, or fashion fail?

Oh hai. Remember me? I used to craft stuff and blog about it here. I'm still crafting stuff, but I've realized that I am really really awful about downloading the photos from my camera to the computer, and then doing the necessary photo editing, and then uploading, and then posting. Ugh.

So, while I work on getting my act together (because, really, I have so much to show you!), here is something for you to contemplate: Is the outfit above fashion-forward, or a fashion fail? It's something I pulled together on Tuesday, channeling Mondo and trying to bravely match some prints. I wore it all day, but even though Rob and my friend Amber applauded my fearlessness, I'm not sure. Apologies for the crappy cell phone pic--the tee is this amazingness from Maryink, and the skirt is this. What do you think? Fearless, or stupid?