Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Folklore bag

Folklore bag 1
For a while I was really in love with the last bag that I made and then...not so much. It had to do with my revision of the straps, I think, and also probably with my tendency to get really tired of things I see every day and need a change after a couple of months. Also, I'd loved this pattern (it's the Folklore Bag from One-Yard Wonders) since I got the book and had been itching to make it. So, here it is!

Folklore bag 3
I really love this bag. It is the perfect size! Not too big, but definitely large enough to hold all of my necessities, plus a large hardcover book (and I'm currently in the middle of this, which is surprisingly really good!) I lined it in a contrasting orange with white polka dots; you may remember this super soft corduroy from these softies I made a few months back. It translated equally well to this bag, though I do think the straps could've used some interfacing to make them a little less floppy. Oh well--I'll just have to add some to the next one I make!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Gifted: Mom's birthday

Full-Contact Apron 3
My mom had a birthday last weekend! I didn't know what to make her, so one day I just broke down and asked. I was sure glad I did! Turned out she needed a new apron, and she'd seen the obi hot/cold wraps I've been making and wanted one of those, too. Suggestions always help!

Full-Contact Apron detail
The apron pattern came from Seams to Me. It took a while to make and I had a LOT of leftover fabric that I used to make the bias tape, but I really like the final result. I made this apron over a month ago so I don't really remember the experience of making it, but I think it was easy enough and the directions were clear. This was my first time making covered buttons, which were super easy (but also pretty big, which probably helped). I made the neck strap on the bias, as called for in the pattern, but I guess it's a bit too long for my mom. Oh well--I guess it's better to have that be too big than too small!

Mom obi wrap
And here's yet another obi-inspired hot/cold wrap from One-Yard Wonders. These are so simple, and so great. Every one I give has been really happily received!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gloria's new clothes

Gloria's new clothes 1
This is another post that's a long time coming. I have had Gloria for a couple of months, but only just made her a quilted cover a few weeks ago. The reason for her new clothes, when she came with a perfectly good, tailored hard cover, is my new Sew Steady extension table!

Gloria + table 1
It's a little bit of an expensive splurge, but it was definitely necessary (and I did just have a birthday). I am really starting to get used to my new machine and do more work on it, but quilting with just a tiny bit of space to the front and left of the needle, even though there's that glorious ten inches to the right, is just too hard. Of course, I have put off quilting with this table yet, but it has already come in handy for piecing and pinning and measuring.

Gloria's new clothes 2
But when the table is set up with the machine (and that's what makes the most sense, because I don't know where to store that 18" x 24" table when it's not in use), the hard cover doesn't fit. The surface of the table is not equal to the surface of the bottom of the machine (duh, right?) so the hard cover kind of floats and doesn't protect much of the machine below the computer screen, especially not the space where the cords plug in. So I took an afternoon and whipped up this quilted, lined, tailored cover. It's three pieces: the top and sides are all one, and the little ends are each separate. As you can see, it fits Gloria perfectly. I first cut batting to the correct size, and then quilted fabric scraps to it using the same technique I did for my winter scarves. Easy peasy, and done in a short afternoon. I think Gloria appreciates the love, too, because she's been extra good since then and we've been getting along splendidly (knock on wood).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tethered Threads: March (part 4)

Megan blocks

More blocks! I've received six more blocks for my Tethered Threads block party this week. Above are the blocks from Megan.

Jen J blocks

These are the blocks from Jen J.

Wendy blocks

And these are the blocks from Wendy, whose month is April. She's asking us to make blocks based on the Ticker Tape quilt. Hmm... Seems I've done some of these before.... Looks like I'll be busy this weekend!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tethered Threads: March (part 3)

4 more blocks

More blocks! I am currently half way there! The top two blocks in the picture above are from Marty, and the bottom two are from Nicole. SO much piecing--thanks, ladies!

Beth blocks

And these two blocks came from Beth. I am loving how everyone's are coming out SO different! I'm really getting excited for this quilt, and I have a great idea for layout, once I have all the blocks back. Stay tuned....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tethered Threads: March (part 2)

my March blocks
After all that rain we had last week, we finally had a bit of sunshine and I was able to get some pictures taken. These are the blocks that I made for myself for my month of the Tethered Threads block party.

my block 1
This first one wasn't really planned; I just kept putting together pieces and trying new things. I'm really happy with how the curved piecing worked! Some of the larger pieces don't exactly lay flat together; I think it's because the cuts were long and the fabrics did a little shifting in the process. It's a learning process, but so far I really like the techniques from this book, even though they're a bit time-consuming.

my block 2
This second block is modeled after one in the book: a courthouse steps block with little wonky inset piecing. I made mine a log cabin with wider strips, but I really like how this one looks. Again, it took a really long time (you don't think 15.5" blocks are going to take that much longer than 12.5" blocks, but they do!) but I'm pleased with the results.

I have blocks in from two more ladies that I need to get posted. Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Christmas swap, part 2

HEL sock guy tail
This post is really delayed, but better late than never! This is part two of the Christmas swap I did with my arty friend Hilary. I've had these since January but only just recently got around to properly photographing them. Above is an original Hilary sock critter. It is gold and sparkly with a purple sweater, argyle limbs, and a long devil tail. Cute and sweet and also a little bit dangerous. Hilary said it reminded her of me! Hmmm....

HEL paintings 1
Along with the sock guy, I also got these paintings. Aren't they amazing?!? I just love them! Thanks, Hilary! You are the BEST!!