Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tethered Threads: September + October

Sept blocks
Playing a little catch-up with the blogging of these blocks for my block party... Above are the blocks for September; Jen wanted more drunk-love-in-a-log-cabin blocks, but using Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks line. Many many props to her for cutting into her stash! I really love these blocks, and the colors in this line in general, and I'm sure the finished quilt will be spectacular!

October blocks
Next are October's blocks. These are for Amanda's son, due to arrive in a couple of months. I was so inspired by these fabrics and the colors that I dove in right away! Amanda wanted us to mostly use the solids, with the prints as accents. I love how these blocks turned out, but I do worry that I used too much of the prints, especially that stripey one. I just loved it so much, it was hard to stay away! Almost done with the bee--wow! Where does the time go? And when am I actually going to finish putting together my quilt?!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Gifted: Tiny bird + nest

tiny bird 1
One thing that I've noticed post–craft show is that I'm really enjoying being able to craft what and when I want to. Of course, there are still deadlines for gifts, but I'm enjoying the variety and slower pace of crafting compared to those frenzied weeks right before the show. I guess that's one good thing that comes from failure...

tiny bird w nest 2
A friend of mine just had a birthday, and as soon as I got the book Little Birds, I knew I had to make this project for her. (Side note: How great are these new little Stash books? What a lovely concept! I'm looking forward to more in this series.) So, back to the bird, which is TINY! Seriously--it's very very small. The eye? That's a black seed bead! The nest? That's about the size of a baseball!

tiny bird in nest 4
I thoroughly enjoyed making this little guy. I followed the directions really closely, only veering a few times. I don't know how to knit in the round and didn't want to try to learn, so I crocheted the nest instead, just as I would start a hat. I used wool-blend felt for the bird, accented with some little scraps of voile left over from this quilt. I also tore the voile into strips and used that for the nest. I love the way it all looks together!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Craft show: FAIL

craft booth 1
As I indicated in my last post, I did all of this work for naught. I'm not sure what it was that made people not buy my wares. In some ways, it was a perfect storm of no-sales: the weather was a gorgeous 81*, which kept people from thinking "fall! scarves! quilts!" and also sent a number of potential customers to the beach. We didn't have the best booth placement, but there weren't that many booths there, so I'm sure all interested parties made their way around to our space.

us at craft booth
I ended up selling my scarves for $30 and my mini-quilts for $45 / $60 for the all-flannel ones. I sold two quilts and something like four scarves--all to people I knew! Seriously, why did I pay a booth fee to sell to co-workers or friends I see every week? It was a bit ridiculous. Hilary had an equally poor showing, and she usually makes a killing selling her sock critters, so we really have no idea why we got so few bites. Maybe we were just too funky for our own good?

craft booth sign
I mean, seriously. How adorable is that sign?! We are not giving up--we're definitely exploring other avenues, but the deadlines for holiday shows passed long ago, so we may have to sit on our inventory for a while. Lovely.

So, could I interest you in some handmades??

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tethered Threads: August

Marty blocks 1
(Yes, I know that it is now October!) Above are the blocks I made for Marty for August's block party assignment. The colors just did not photograph well for me--late night pictures. I hate that the sun is setting so early again! Marty gave us each mostly the same fabrics, with one different one for each of us, which she asked us to use in both blocks (mine is the red). I'm fairly pleased with these, though I wish they were more interesting. Still, I'm not sure what I would change, so guess that's a good thing?

In other block party news, I think I had a breakthrough on my block party quilt, which you may remember I wasn't loving. Two words: set diagonally. With sashing. I think that might be the trick! If I feel adventurous this weekend, I may play around. Lord knows I don't have to worry about this fiasco any more... More on that next week (it didn't go well).