Friday, February 29, 2008


Finally, I have decided to start blogging. Regularly. At least, that is the goal. I've been thinking about having a place to write and discuss and share my life and my crafty leanings with people, but somehow never got around to it. I started a Flickr page a while back, which was a big step. But it was this post by my friend Cruelty-Free Mommy that finally cajoled me into starting this blog. 

So, welcome to Kitty Kitty Crafts. Why Kitty Kitty Crafts? A number of reasons. Kitty Kitty used to be what I called my handbag "brand." KK are my initials, a lot of my friends call me "KK," and now I have two cats. And I craft. So, it just seemed appropriate. 

My goal here is to post a couple of times a week with thoughts and pictures about whatever my current project is. This will be tricky, as I tend to give away a lot of them and the people reading are more than likely to be recipients of these gifts, but I'll see what I can do. 

Thanks for stopping by! I promise to make future entries less cheesy-sounding. And to keep swearing to a minimum. 

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Cruelty-Free Mommy said...

I'm glad to see you are going to blog. I like hearing about the lives of my faraway friends:)