Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some things...

Because I don't have any crafty endeavors to show you today, here instead are some pictures of things that I am digging right now. First up, an awful shot of me on Friday in a sweater dress, green tights, and brown slouchy boots. I have decided that this is going to be the year that I wear leggings and tights and bring back the sweater dress and just extend the life span of my skirts. Not sure if it'll work, but that's my bright idea at the moment. 

Next: Mr. Gnome's Deliver This Creature. I don't even remember how we stumbled upon this band, but they're cool. Very rockin', with a cool chick singer. I'm always amazed that two-person bands can make so much noise! Their official site is here

And then the inevitable kitty shots. Here's one of Bellow doing exactly what he's not supposed to do. It seems whenever Rob gets up from typing at his laptop, Bellow sits down on top of it and immediately falls asleep. Rob is beyond annoyed at this, but I find the whole thing endearing and adorable. Then again, it's not my spot that he's stealing. 

We had a lovely sunny Sunday morning over the weekend and I was lucky enough to snap some really cute pictures of Iris. My beautiful little girl is so photogenic, and it's like she's posing for the camera! She's continually moving around, showing me different angles... Watch out, America's Next Top Kitty Model! 

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