Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween weekend

Halloween is a pretty big deal in Salem, where I live. Although this is the third Halloween that we'd been here, it was the first time that I actually dressed up and went out! So, here are some pictures of how I spent my Halloween weekend. Rest assured that there was craftiness, but I will save that for other posts. Above is a picture of reluctant Bellow in a pirate hat. That stayed on for about two seconds, and Iris saw the whole thing happen and was not about to let us try it on her next! Smart kitty. 

Here's me in my costume before going out. It was a rehashing of a costume I'd worn before--for our house-warming party. Yeah. The shirt says "Salem Pirate Girl" and has a glitter skull on it. I made my skirt and sewed on the tulle flare by hand. The belt was also made by me and has a loop to hold my sword (which has glitter on that bottom band of the blade), but I left my weapon at home lest it be confiscated by the cops. I had black leggings on, stripey socks, and calf-high black boots. Rob decided I was a pirate fairy. I guess that works. I have better ideas for next year, though. Halloween will be on a Saturday, after all! 

When I was not out and about in costume, I was at home doing a little bit of crafting and a lot of hanging out with the cats. They are so funny and awesome, I just love them! On Saturday night we were watching The Happening (which is much better than most people gave it credit for, but I still love Unbreakable the best) when Rob noticed the cats doing something funny and had me pause the movie. I was able to get to the camera and snap the photo above before they realized what was going on and started moving around. Seriously, we think this picture is hilarious. Iris laying on her back, paws up, back leg stretched out??!? Totally random. I forgive you if you don't share my sentiment. 

Here's a picture of the birthday boy conked out in the middle of the kitchen floor, half out of this box. Both of our cats were adopted from shelters and we've invented approximate birthdays for them based on their estimated ages at the time of adoption. As far as we can tell, Bellow turned 5 on Saturday. 

At least two crafty posts to come this week, I promise... 

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