Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A softie refashion

This little woolly lamb is the result of cutting up the awful jacket I posted about yesterday! Pretty cute, right? The fabric is some kind of mystery synthetic, but it's soft and a little like a very crushed velour. It's the perfect texture for this little guy, who was completely sewn by hand in about 4 hours. 

I like all of this little guy, but that tiny tail just kills me! Oh, teh cute! He ended up looking like a sheep that had been shorn, so I had to give him that little wool scarf to help keep him warm. 

Who couldn't love that adorable little face? This guy will be making the rounds on the production floor in my office. I think it looks like he's frowning, but one of our designers has assured me that he's just making a "sniffing" face. What do you think? 

1 comment:

Journeying Five said...

definately sniffing and definately cute!