Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wasp bag #2

I did a lot of things last weekend, but the first thing I did was spend five hours on Saturday morning making my second Wasp bag! I love this pattern! I love my bee bag from earlier this year but am starting to wear it out, plus I was feeling the need for a winter bag (though not sure how wintery this one is).

The outer fabric is Peapod by Jessica Jones from J. Caroline Creative. I fell in love with it when I saw it on Jessica's blog and knew I needed to make a bag out of it. Choosing the perfect lining fabric was difficult, but the ladies at my LQS were lovely and found this reproduction of a vintage Christmas fabric by...someone. Moda? Andover? I don't remember. But it's perfect, right? And it helps make it all feel more wintery, though I think I would feel completely comfortable wearing this bag all spring and summer, too!

Seriously, how cute! I love those pleats. It's a great detail and gives the bag a great shape. I probably said this before, but this pattern is really well constructed. It feels so professional. 

One of the other things I did this weekend was go to the Boston Bazaar Bizarre--it was my first time! I was ridiculously excited. I did a really good job of not spending a ton of $$. I bought a little acorn from Heidi Kenney, who I love, and my friend Jenn and I also chatted briefly with Faythe Levine about Handmade Nation (the book and the film), so that was awesome. I tried really hard to not be too groupie-like, but these are my craft-world celebrities!

Anyway, back to my new bag. The pattern calls for a button here, on this teardrop shape on the handle/strap. I added one on my bee bag, but I don't have one on this bag...yet. I haven't found one that matches the colors yet, but do you think I need one? Or is it fine as-is?


Journeying Five said...

I think it is great as it is. I like the detail the fabric gives.

On the verge said...

I LOVE that fabric!!

sweetkelli said...

Love it! I've been admiring that fabric for some time. It is great to see it made up into such a fun project. It might not be the most wintery of all projects, but you'll definitely be ready for spring!