Monday, February 23, 2009

February STUD mini-quilt

I found out over the weekend that my STUD partner received my paper-pieced mini-quilt, so here's the reveal! It was the first and only paper-pieced pattern I've ever done. I found it free online here. I'm not a huge fan of paper-pieced quilts, and I couldn't really find something that I liked, until I saw these flowers. I thought they were so sweet that I had to do it. 

This was my second attempt at this pattern (the first was for the special birthday gift for my grandmother, which I'll reveal later this week). It takes a long time to do and is very seam-y, but I do like the final effect of it. The petal blocks are supposed to be 1" square, but when I imported the image into Quark for printing they came in at closer to 1-1/2" or something, so I kept them that way. (The grandmother quilt was done with the proper 1" blocks, so I thought I owed myself a little break.) The quilt is free-motion machine quilted with petal shapes in each petal, and buttons were sewn on by hand at the end. 

Here's a little glimpse of the back. I like how those flowers look, and I like that little backing fabric. I think it's Moda. It's called "Tiny Town," and it's just too adorable. 

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