Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Treating myself

new fabrics march 15
As I already posted, I made great progress on my projects last weekend. By late Sunday morning, I was feeling pretty proud of myself and ready for a reward. So...I went to a local fabric store, just to look around. Heh. There are worse things in the world than stimulating your local economy by shopping at a small, independently owned business, right? 

fabrics for Buttercup Bag
Besides, these fabrics were bought with purposes in mind. Take these Michael Miller fabrics, for example. They are destined to become a Buttercup Bag (which it seems everyone in blogland is making right now). 

Trapeze Sundress fabric
And these 2.5 yards of a Benartex Paris Cats blender are destined to become a Trapeze Sundress from Weekend Sewing. I am getting a little excited for the weather to warm up so I can get back to some garment sewing. Because sewing a skirt when it's 30* outside just doesn't seem right...

Adding to the whole "treating myself" theme, yesterday I was alerted by the Fabric Shopper to an amazing sale at Quilt Arts online, where fabric was 50% off! All of it! I have a little something **cough cough 15 yards cough cough** heading my way. I couldn't resist! It was a great sale!

I also want to add that I'm being added to the Quilt Qua bloggy links. There's some great stuff there! Check it out. 

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50 foot QE said...

Good news on the quilting front. I am glad you were added to the qua. And thanks for the kind wishes for birthday girl.
Maybe we can go fabric shopping when we are back in the states this summer. I have pretty much used up all of my cloth on doll projects and such.