Friday, April 3, 2009

Yoga pants

yoga pants 1
These are the "wear anywhere yoga pants" from the book SEW. I made these in one evening. I thought the pattern was super easy and the result is comfy. 

yoga pants 2
For these pants, I used a cotton/poly blend flat sheet from Target. I used the top hem part as the "cuff" of the pants and did not do a hem. As a result, I underestimated by about an inch and cut the pants a little too short. Oh well. These are comfy, as you can imagine--who doesn't love the feel of sheets? I can see myself lounging around the house in these, or wearing them as pjs. 

This was my first garment sewing in a while and a warm-up. Next I will be tackling some of the projects in Weekend Sewing, which I'm excited and a little nervous about. I have a bunch of quilting to do before I get to that point, though, so stay tuned. 

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