Monday, November 23, 2009

STUD November sent

I was on a roll this month and got my STUD "anything goes" mini-quilt out early, so it's already been received! Here it is in all its scrappy glory.

STUD Nov detail
I made this for Quiltedoma, who seems to share a lot of my tastes in color and fabric (and such excellent taste it is!). The quilt is based on this tutorial by Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts. I'd been wanting to make a mini like that since I first saw her quilt, and this was the perfect chance! I worked really hard to try to not have the pieces on a grid, but I can still sometimes see one. Oh well.

STUD Nov back detail
For the back I used a fantastic large-scale print to really show off all those little quilted squares. The binding is all from my scrap stash, too. You'd think I was able to make a dent in it, but you'd be wrong! It seems those pieces just multiply.

STUD Nov twin
Of course, I had to make one for myself, too. I spent a long time cleaning all the stray threads off both of these, and there are still some unraveling. I don't think this would hold up very well to regular use (unless perhaps the edges were pinked first?), but it's fine on the wall.

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50 foot QE said...

That was what I was wondering, if the edges were "pinked". So sweet!!!!