Thursday, April 1, 2010

Christmas swap, part 2

HEL sock guy tail
This post is really delayed, but better late than never! This is part two of the Christmas swap I did with my arty friend Hilary. I've had these since January but only just recently got around to properly photographing them. Above is an original Hilary sock critter. It is gold and sparkly with a purple sweater, argyle limbs, and a long devil tail. Cute and sweet and also a little bit dangerous. Hilary said it reminded her of me! Hmmm....

HEL paintings 1
Along with the sock guy, I also got these paintings. Aren't they amazing?!? I just love them! Thanks, Hilary! You are the BEST!!

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pink-haired valkyrie said...

you are welcome, sweet friend!! <3 xoxo hilary