Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nicey Jane HST wall quilt

Nicey Jane HST quilt 1
You may have seen a peek of this quilt in the photos from my last post, but here it is, officially. I've just been calling this my Nicey Jane HST quilt, since it's made with a Nicey Jane charm pack (plus Kona snow for the contrast) and it's all half-square triangles. Creative title, no?

Nicey Jane HST quilt 3
This quilt was started in May during a marathon sewing session with some of my favorite quilty ladies. We snacked and drank and stitched, and by 3am I had the center and skinny borders done! The larger outside border was made using yardage I had gotten a while back. The whole thing is really just a large version of these quilts, which I love so much.

Nicey Jane HST quilt detail 1
The only real difference between the minis and this larger quilt is in the quilting. Since I'm loving the way Gloria does some free-motion, I decided to continue in that vein and do some curlicues in the outer solid squares and some floral-like squiggles inside. I really like how the quilting came out. On a whim, I backed this in a solid I'd gotten on clearance from Connecting Threads, and also used that fabric as the binding. It was my first time using a solid from them but, my oh my, it won't be my last! I was continually struck by how soft it was and how easy it was to stitch. I highly recommend it! Too bad it doesn't come in very many colors... I should stock up on the white for lining skirts while I can!


eileensideways said...

was that one you were working on at my quilt party. i love the pattern. very nice fabric choice.

Heather said...


Karissa said...

Indeed, that was the one I started at your place, Sue!

On the verge said...

I love that free-motion you did! it looks so cool!