Friday, December 3, 2010

With the Band vintage skirt refashion

with the band skirt after 1
This skirt has quite the story... I saw it in the window of Modern Millie, the amazing vintage / consignment shop in town, and couldn't stop thinking about it. I stopped by the shop a few days later and it was still there! I knew I had to have it.

with the band skirt before 1
Except... there were problems. The salesgirl warned me, as she was taking it off the mannequin, that the waist was small. Really small. Like, 18" of small. So small, in fact, that she couldn't take it off the mannequin's hips and had to fight to get it off over her shoulders. Ummm... a problem, for sure, but how fantastic is that print?!? "It needs some love," the salesgirl said, and I knew I was the one to give it, so I bought it.

with the band skirt before 3
When I got it home, I did some investigation, and here's what I've figured out:
  • This skirt is homemade (see gathering stitches showing under the waistband)
with the band skirt before hem
  • This skirt was probably for a child (see tiny waist, and hem that was let down twice)
with the band skirt selvage 2
  • This skirt is old: selvage was still attached, and the fabric design is copyright 1953!

Thankfully, the skirt was also long enough that I could make the necessary alterations. Here's what I did:
  • Used my seam-ripper to remove the existing waistband
  • Carefully un-gathered skirt
with the band skirt ungathered
  • Pressed the heck out of it (check out the fading!)
  • Cut 3" off the top of the skirt
  • Cut a slit down the center back to remove the hole and insert a zipper
with the band skirt after zip
  • Sewed a seam in the center back and inserted a zipper
  • Re-gathered the skirt to fit my waist
  • Fashioned a 1" waistband from the 3" I cut off the top
  • Attached waistband to re-gathered skirt and added a snap closure

with the band skirt after 4
And here is the finished skirt! It really wasn't that much work to fix it, and the new length hits a few inches above my knees, which is perfect! Also, because the skirt is made of two lengths of fabric sewn selvage to selvage (there are two sets of selvages--one at each side seam), there's still a lot of volume. And that print! Oh my--I am in love!

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Anonymous said...

so cute! I love the shape of that skirt. It was destined for you:)