Friday, February 11, 2011

Gifted: Koji monster

Koji monster 1
Here is another project from Wee Wonderfuls: the Koji monster, which turned out to be the perfect birthday present for my super amazing and famous friend Kate! (Seriously: read her book; it's awesome!) Once again, I followed instructions as written and, for the most part, this guy turned out perfectly! I did have trouble, like a few others, getting the bottom to fit, even though I sewed dot-to-dot as instructed. I fixed this by stitching a little extra on the legs, which made the bottom "hole" smaller, and everything worked out fine.

Koji monster portrait
Seriously, this picture? Just. Kills. Me. I love it so so much! That face is just full of personality. Enjoy your new monster friend, Kate! I think he's found the perfect home.

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Kate Racculia said...

Hehehehehe, *love* the facial close up!