Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Dear Jane Progress

DJ A10
Above is block A10 (woot for double-digits!), which is also my first attempt at reverse appliqué. I used the same back-basting technique I use for regular appliqué and I think it was successful (and still relatively painless, too)!

DJ A11
And here is block A11, which has 33 pieces! I cut the outer squares and rectangles a little larger to combat my problem of blocks coming out a bit small, but when I finished and pressed the block I was able to trim it on all four sides, probably equal to the additional that I'd added in the first place! Awesome. I know some people say that it's a sign of a beginner quilter that you haven't yet figured out 1/4" seams. That may be true, and for the most part I have it figured out for my sewing machine piecing, but by hand... it's a different story. There just seem to be too many variables.

With these two blocks, I am now caught up for the year (until Sunday night, when A12 is "due"), and nearly done with row A! Exciting stuff!

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