Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Apron, take 2

skirty apron vintage 3
As I mentioned in my last post, here is the tweaked/revised apron pattern. I think I solved all of the minor issues of the first apron with this batch, so I believe this pattern is a keeper!

skirty apron owl 2
Revisions are to the skirt, which now has a double-hem all the way around instead of that horrible bias bind I struggled with on the prototype, and to the bodice. Instead of being a straight geometric shape, the bodice is now a bit narrower on the bottom, quite a bit narrower at the top, and I used my hip curve to cut the sides with a bit of a curve to them, which I think makes them look a lot nicer.

skirty apron bw 1
And, a bit of news: these three aprons will be for sale at the apARTment art show I'm participating in next weekend! We're mentioned in this little local write-up; if you're in the Boston / North Shore area, please come check it out! More of my stock to be revealed shortly!


Anonymous said...

cute, cute, cute! i love a charming apron :)

two hippos said...

They look great -- I definitely need to make myself a full apron! Have a wonderful time at the art show, it sounds like fun!