Thursday, July 7, 2011

Super crazy-delayed Dear Jane update

DJ 6 B squares
Helllllooooo, July! I can't believe how quickly this summer is flying by. I know that technically it's still just the beginning, but do you remember June? Or even the end of May? I sure don't, and I can't even tell you why! Amongst the other things I was working on, I have been plugging away at my Dear Jane blocks. Here are six from row B (though I discuss 7 below), and these were all completed by the end of May. I then took a bit of a hiatus to focus on things for the sale, but am happy to report that I'm back at it, so there's even more progress than these photos represent.

So, here's block B1. Even with back-basting my appliqué, circles are still tricky! Still, I love this technique, and I've lately been using a bit bigger needle, which seems to help the fabric "remember" exactly where to turn.

Block B2. This is a bit of a mistake, as I used freezer paper to trace the block from the book, then applied to the wrong side of my fabric to trace and cut out (as I always do now). I forgot to mirror the image, so my block "spins" in the wrong direction. Oops. Clearly, it didn't bother me enough to redo it. I mean, WWJSD?*

Block B4. This was fairly straightforward, so nice to have all straight line patchwork piecing!

Block B6. Another straightforward one with all piecing, but a LOT of pieces!

Block B7. Completely back-basting appliquéd. Clearly, points are still tricky with this technique, too! I did the center circular bit out of one piece, and the diamonds all separate. I really adore that background fabric and wish I had more, in different colors!

Block B8. A good mix of piecing and appliqué. I really like this block, and think my version is near perfection.

Block B9. I did what I could to get a print with similar striping to Jane's. I quite like the effect in the center. This was all pieced, with Y-seams galore! SO much easier to do by hand.

More Dear Jane updates coming, plus some clothing, and a big Dear Jane surprise! Happy (almost) weekend!

*What Would Jane Stickle Do?

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eileensideways said...

what is the block size on the dear janes. i like yours with the modern fabrics.