Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hippos galore!

Edited to add: These are now for sale in my shop on Etsy
hippo pyramid 1
I've been keeping busy behind the scenes with a lot of wedding-centric crafting for others that I can't show you yet (soon!) and a couple new batches of hippos for some upcoming craft fairs I'm doing. These were "born" in early September, and I rushed through taking a bunch of photos so I could make some new hippo-centric business cards! That was fun.

fish hippos 2
Anyway, here are a few more photos of my little guys, which I love so much! I'm trying to amass as much inventory as I can as quickly as I can, because October is going to be crazy, and then I have two shows! However, people keep seeing these and asking if they can buy one, or two, or three... I'm having a hard time saying no!

3 hippos 

my folklore hippo butt 1 
 my folklore hippo butt 2
Also, did you notice? I had tags made! At the recommendation of Ronit, I worked with Michelle at Inked Papers and I'm incredibly pleased at how these turned out! I think they make my softies look that much more professional, so they were definitely worth the investment (though I only had to pay for the printing; the design was done by meeeee!)

Unrelated: I have a lengthy, rambly interview up with my friend Gregory Sherl, who happens to be one of my favorite poets, here. It's incredibly verbose, so don't say I didn't warn you!


Anonymous said...

cuteness! i love the fabric of that last hippo :)

two hippos said...

Love the tags, love the hippos, and I totally want to buy one from you. But I can wait until after your shows and see what you've got left :)