Monday, April 9, 2012

Little birds in flight

little bird mobile 5 
This birdie mobile, above, was made for some sweet friends having a baby! The pattern for all the birds is Abby Glassenberg's "Little Bird in Flight", which is a free download / tutorial on her site. It is awesome. The birds are gorgeous; I mean, check out those wings!

little bird mobile 2 
I hung the birds from really strong fishline, so they have a ton of movement. I tied them to an embroidery hoop, then covered the outside in some ricrac to hide the threads. I think it has a cute, almost circus-y, look. 

little bird mobile 1 
All of the felt came from a charm pack from National Nonwovens, purchased at Marketplace Quilts (my LQS). The colors are so vivid and the felt is so high-quality that it's easy to work with! Turning these guys right-side out is no easy feat, and with a lesser felt, would probably cause tears of rage. 

little bird pink 2
This mobile wasn't the first time I made these birds, however. This pink bird was made as a travel companion for my partner-in-craft, Hilary. She's off to a big adventure: quitting her day job to focus on her art! She's beginning an art residency in Colorado, and then...? She has a Kickstarter to help her on her way, and if you support her you get art in return! She's already funded (!!), but if you want to help her buy even more art supplies, click here. Best wishes and safe travels, friend! May this pink bird of happiness lead you to great things.


maritza said...

These are adorable! What a delightful mobile!

Karissa said...

Thanks! It was really fun to make :)