Friday, April 25, 2008

Flea Market Finds

I had an interesting, busy, and lovely weekend this past weekend. I saw a lot of our friends Jenn and Daniel, which is always nice. Jenn frequents a flea market on the North Shore when it's nice out, and she was generous enough to invite us along on Sunday. Rob opted out, but I decided I was crazy enough to get up at 7AM the one day of the week I didn't have to, so I joined her and Daniel on the trip. It was really lovely on Sunday: a little cool, but sunny and breezy and, well, very spring-y feeling.

For whatever reason, I was drawn to these glasses, which the seller said were sour cream containers. I scored this set of four for $12. Aren't they adorable??

I don't know what I'll do with them, but they are the perfect size and shape for my hands. They feel so comfortable! We are bad with glasses around here, though--for whatever reason, they tend to break on us (mostly Rob, but, in his defense, he does most of the dishes). For that reason, I'm a little afraid to use them! But I will because they are just so cute! Perfect for sangria?

I also scored this little dresser for $10. It's very cute and had some sweet contact paper in two of the drawers, though it very easily fell out of one of them once I got it home. I was drawn to this the same way I was drawn to the glasses, though I didn't know what I'd use it for. We kept walking around and I thought about it for a while and then decided that $10 wasn't much and it would look so cute in our kitchen, so I bought it. I subsequently moved all of our kitchen linens (including dish towels and potholders and a bunch of place mats and tablecloths) into it and freed up our existing wire rack, to which I moved the bread products that had been cluttering our counter space.

So this is what the kitchen looks like now. It's about as tidy as it will ever get, though for whatever reason it still bothers me in some way. Oh well--it definitely is an improvement over what it used to be. I don't have any pictures, which is probably a good thing!

So, this weekend's forecast? Football. Rob has tons of end-of-semester grading to do, and he's already called dibs on the TV for the entirety of the NFL draft this weekend. Not only does that mean that we are not going anywhere, it also means I won't be able to perform my weekend ritual, which consists of many mugs of tea and parking my butt on the futon and watching whatever crap MTV or VH1 is offering (OR the good stuff that's on Bravo). Le sigh. Though, in actuality, this is probably a blessing. I have a lot of crafting to do, including:
  • something for husband's birthday coming up
  • some super-secret Lady Scouts trial runs
  • finalizing my new dress pattern and possibly even sewing the first dress
  • big secret family project that must be finished less than a month from now
  • and my new personal project, which I will refrain from mentioning until I really get started on it. Trust me, it's BIG and the entire process will be fully documented here. 
Oh the suspense... 

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