Monday, April 21, 2008

My Birthday Post #1

As promised (finally!), here is my birthday present post! It was birthday number 27 for me and I was totally spoiled by so many people! I was definitely feeling the love. First thing was the teakettle above, from my mom. I love it! The spout means no splashing, unlike my last teakettle, which I can definitely appreciate, since I like my water boiling hot and am usually only half-awake when I make it.

This awesome book was a gift from Rob, who continues the tradition of giving me riot grrrl gifts for my birthday. The foreword is by none other than Beth Ditto, who I think is absolutely amazing. And hot. And there are SO many pictures of Kathleen Hannah in this book... I can't wait to get a chance to read it.

These books were from Jenn and Daniel. Last year I got the CuteBook from my friend Kate, so this, in a way, is another tradition being continued. I've already made one project from the book, which is awesome and cute and very inspiring and fun, like the CuteBook.

This awesome exploded view sewing machine line art shirt was a gift from my brother from here. I wore it today for the second time already. My brother is an engineer, so it's totally appropriate. I'll just pretend that I never sent him the link to the shirt when he asked me what I wanted...

My friends Robert and Cynthia got me a bag full of lots of awesomeness, starting with the new Tapes 'n Tapes. It's a pretty good album.

They also got me these cute flower pots. I am thinking of using them for herbs this summer. They are so cute!

So, there you go. I also got a bunch of other gifts from Robert and Cynthia, like movie passes and bamboo sushi rollers and Dunnies... Also, my friend JJ got me an excellent bottle of wine and this cute Eggling, which had started sprouting over the weekend! It was a wonderful Monday morning surprise for me today.

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