Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Morning Quilting Club

No, not today, but from last Saturday. I was up early with Rob and then couldn't go back to sleep right away when he left, so I decided to finish up some quilting. The cats decided to join me. This was the first meeting of our Saturday Morning Quilting Club, but certainly won't be the last!

Bellow chose to spend the meeting curled up on the fabric pile behind the machine, peeking through the hole under the machine's arm. Iris chose to spend the meeting running off with my binding tape.

Sorry I've been so MIA this week. It's been a busy week, with a lot of nights out drinking: Tuesday for my birthday, Wednesday for the Book Show, and Thursday for veggie sushi and sake following a horrible commute home. Last night Rob and I barely stayed awake for There Will Be Blood (again), and this morning at the diner with Jenn and JJ I was so tired (at 10:30!) that I ordered an egg and cheese omelet instead of a tomato and cheese one. D'oh! I got what I wanted, but still... Today has been full of errands and bizarre weather (pouring rain --> sunshine with no clouds in the sky --> more pouring rain with thunder and lightning) and I'm just now caching up on some stuff. So, here's my promise for some better posts next week, including a rundown of my birthday gifts (which are so fun!) and the reveal of the secret quilting project I'd been working on. Until then!

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