Monday, May 5, 2008

Sewing Double

Sewing double, dress-maker's dummy, dress form... Seems like everyone has a different name for one of these. Regardless, I needed one that fit my measurements. I have a different one that was a sort of gift from a coworker, but it just doesn't fit my measurements. So, after seeing tutorials like this one all over the interwebs, I took an oversized tee, two rolls of Duct tape, and a willing husband to make mine a couple of weeks ago--maybe it was a month ago already!

It took us over an hour to do, and it was a funny feeling, being all wrapped up like that. It was kind of a nice little bonding experience for us, too. In a weird way, I suppose. Rob is never usually able to help me with my crafts, so it was nice that we could do something "together" for once (even though I wasn't all that helpful).

It is stuffed with lots of Poly-fil and also two cans of Great Stuff from the hardware store. Although at some point, despite my taking great care, I must have over-stuffed some parts of it. I can fit a good deal of my clothes on it, but the items that are very fitted (read: tightly tailored) to my bust and upper chest do not fit. I cannot zip them all the way up. Ugh. But instead of being upset and angry about it, or peeling out all the foam (which is hard as stone inside the form), I have decided to live with it.

I probably shouldn't be wearing clothes that are so tight, anyway.


Anyway, this is what I'm using to make my pattern for my new dress idea. Still working on that one, and waking from dreams of not having enough yardage for the sash or ruffle. After that dream, I haven't touched the project and now I'm afraid to find out!

As for the weekend past, it was kinda mellow and kinda busy all at once. We did manage to watch three movies: Lars and the Real Girl, Iron Man, and Hoosiers. I probably liked them in that order, too, with Lars as number one. Very sweet, very surprising.

I'm in a little bit of a rut and I've not been crafty at all until Sunday evenings. That's what happened again yesterday. Let's check out my continued list and see where I'm at, progress-wise:
  • some super-secret Lady Scout trial runs DONE!
  • finalizing my new dress pattern and possibly even sewing the first dress No progress
  • big secret family project that must be finished less than a month from now I can see the finish line!
  • and my new personal project, which I will refrain from mentioning until I really get started on it. Trust me, it's BIG and the entire process will be fully documented here. In case you hadn't guessed, this is my Dear Jane quilt, which I started last week. I added a box to the side where you can track my progress. I stitched another block last night, so now I'm at two. Woo-hoo! Two down, 167 to go...
Updated Dear Jane post TK. Otherwise, happy Monday! The sun is finally shining here today!

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