Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dear Jane

This is my second finished Dear Jane square, B13. It took me less than the entirety of Hoosiers on Sunday night, and that movie is less than 2 hours long. I'd say around an hour and a half to do, and I had to rip out one of the corner squares because I'd sewn it in with the diamonds pointing in the wrong direction. Definitely an improvement! I started on a different one last night, block A8, but wasn't able to finish before bed and didn't want to start staying up late to finish, especially on a Monday night. It's a bad habit for me to get back into.

Helping me along with things is this book, which I picked up on Saturday when Rob and I went to Borders to spend George Bush money that hasn't even come yet. Rob is like that--money burns a hole right through his pocket. Anyway, the book kept coming up in my online reading about hand-piecing, and it has amazing feedback on Amazon.com. Of course, in my rush to keep going, I haven't really read the book, mostly just looked at the pictures. I know, I know... But I should read it. I will try.

I'd been working on some posts about my crafty book shelf, but now those will have to be redone as, on Saturday, I added another shelf for the crafty books (since the one I have is already full) and I ordered two more books. But it is my intention to post pictures, links, and reviews of sorts for all of my crafty books, so stay tuned...

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