Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dear Jane

Sorry I have been slow with the Dear Jane updates, but I have four new blocks to post. This is block D13 and is the one I stitched on the train on my way to work a couple of weeks ago. I really like this fabric!

This is block D6 and was stitched in airports on my way home a few weeks ago.

Here's block F3, started in an airport, worked on an airplane or two, but not finished until after I was home. The fabric is kind of Bo Peep-y, with a lady in a cute dress and a little sheep. I had a hard time getting the block to sit really flat for the photo, but trust me when I say that the square in the bottom left isn't as wonky as it appears.

And here is block C3, with 25 pieces! This is one I pieced at home on June 8th in a couple of hours.

All of the blocks in this post finish at 5"! I was worried about this last one, with all of the seams, but it turned out okay. I am heading to Connecticut this weekend and will have a lot of time in the car (not driving), so hopefully I can make some more progress on this quilt. I'm up to 9 finished blocks and 106 pieces. Only 160 blocks to go... And then I get to start on the triangles!

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