Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Belated birthday gifts

Some belated birthday crafting happened recently. In fact, I think they both have the same birthday! May 31? Yes, I'm VERY belated. But, in my defense, I haven't seen either of them since their birthdays... Anyway, this guy above is a fun hamster applique I did for an apron for my friend Robert. The idea was to make it be "infinite hammie apron," sort of like Infinite Cat, only...not. I also thought this was the best I could do in a Robert-as-animal caricature.

Here's the entire apron. I should mention that it's an outdoor apron for Robert's fancy grill, which gets a lot of action in the warm months, but that it also goes with the newly painted BRIGHT yellow kitchen. How could I have known? It's perfect.

Even before I made the apron, though, I made this oven mitt. Same as with JJ's mitts, from the Denyse Schmidt Quilts pattern, lined with muslin, and filled with Warm & Natural and Insul-Bright. For this one I had a better grasp of the double-fold binding, so that part happened with less struggling (and fewer wonky stitches) than with the whale mitts. A success, I believe.

And last but not least, a very little "little something" for Ginny, who I'm having dinner with tonight. I wasn't really sure what to make her, but then I found this cool vintage hedgehog pincushion pattern online (free!) via Feed Dog and had to whip one up. Though I wasn't sure if she really used pins, so I had to fill it before giving it. (It looks much cuter with the pins in, anyway.) The pattern is fine and easy, though Feed Dog's looks so much cuter! I added some flax seed to the bottom to give it a little weight. I only had acetate felt on hand, and my suspicion is this hedgie is much more successful when made with actual wool felt. The pins are very slide-y in this little guy. If I were to remake it, I would think about using something different to stuff with (possibly wool, or maybe even line the inside with quilt batting before filling with the polyester stuff) or would consider interfacing the felt before stitching it together. So, not so great, but easy to make, and a cute little shelf decorator, even if it's not the most practical thing.

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On the verge said...

I think I'm going to make this pin cushion for my mom. She currently keeps all her pins and sewing gear in a fishing tackle box! This is a much cuter option :)