Friday, July 18, 2008

(Last) weekend crafting

These are the last of the projects that I've completed and not posted--I promise! The only thing close to that is my new dress, which isn't finished; the pattern is done, but the first actual dress in actual cotton needs a few adjustments before it's wearable. But it's close!

Anyway, by request from my mom, who is doing yoga now, I made these two eye pillows for her and her friend. I followed the dimensions and filling instructions for the Eye Will Survive eye pillow in Denyse Schmidt Quilts (which, if you haven't noticed already, is my go-to crafty book; I use this one more than any other!) but the patchwork is all me just throwing stuff together.

This view shows the back of the Japanese one. Those fabrics aren't actually Japanese, they just look like it. I really like this swirl but didn't want to chop it up for the front, so there you go. The one thing I'm not totally pleased with on this is the filling. I was running out of flax seed so I bought some from the Trader Joe's instead of the bulk stuff at Whole Foods. I saved a lot of $$, but when I went to use the flax seed I realized that it was roasted! And it smells roasted! I added some extra lavender in an attempt to over-compensate, but not sure how well that will work. So, um, sorry Mom! I hope the eye pillow doesn't make you hungry!

And I totally forgot to post this earlier, but here are two of the felted rocks we made at Lady Scouts last week! The instructions are from Last Minute Fabric Gifts and were very easy to follow. Our rocks all turned out pretty well!

So, it's Friday! Almost the weekend! And I get a summer Friday today, thanks to the wonderfulness of book publishing (and my working extra hours all week). I plan to make the most of it: Rob is meeting me for a late lunch, then we're going to mosey down Newbury Street (meaning we will spend oodles of time and probably $60 in Newbury Comics) before meeting our friends at the Boston Common Loew's for the 4:30 show of the Dark Knight. I'm very excited to see it! I think we all are. We'll probably be back on the North Shore around 8. I didn't even get home until after 7:30 last night, so when I get home tonight it will feel like I've already had a bunch of my weekend, when really it's barely begun!

On Saturday night Rob and I are going to see Salem State's production of Grease! We haven't been to live theater since...we left the midwest, I believe. Insanity. I don't know about Rob, but I'm really looking forward to it.

Those are our only concrete plans (and that's quite a few, but still leaves a lot of open time on Saturday day and all day Sunday), but I'm sure we'll think of something. Here's what I hope will happen this weekend:
  • We have breakfast at Red's one of those mornings
  • I finish my dress
  • I cut and sew the muslin for a new Built By Wendy skirt from Sew U
  • More Dear Jane progress
  • I sew the Sew U skirt ?
  • kitty snuggles
  • I kick Rob's ass in poker
  • We watch more Deadwood
Also, I cannot believe it's nearly the end of July already. Where has the summer gone?

Also also, I want to take a little break here to talk about some other arty (but non-crafty) things that have been near and dear to my heart recently:

1) Son of Rambow. Seriously--this movie is amazing. We saw it last Friday at 4-something in Salem and loved it. I actually got really teary at the end. It just reminded me how wonderful cinema is, how inspiring and uniting it can be, and why I love it so much. I want to own it. Go see it, if you can. Netflix it!

2) Billy Corgan. Okay, I know... If you know me, you know how intensely I adore Billy Corgan. Really, truly. I adore him. I love his music. The Smashing Pumpkins has been my favorite band since I bought Siamese Dream in, like, early 1994. So I've been a Pumpkins fan for more than half of my life. I sobbed when they broke up. I was ecstatic when Zwan formed and I saw them at First Ave to kick off their US tour (which they never finished because the band broke up) the night after the war in Iraq started. I loved Billy's solo album and freaked out when I saw him play at Avalon and I was only 20 feet from him. I own two copies of Billy's poetry book. I waited in the rain for two hours in October in Cambridge to have him sign my book at the Harvard Book Store. He said the most wonderful things to me and my photo of him signing my book hangs right above my computer at work (and is also framed and hanging above my guitars at home). When the Pumpkins reformed and put out Zeitgeist last year, I also freaked out. They came to Boston for three shows and I was lucky enough to see them at two of them. Two nights, in a row, of live Pumpkins! I really freaked out.

What brings me to this point is the fact that for the past couple of days I've been listening to the bootleg I have of the first Pumpkins show I attended. It's been just over nine months, but it still feels so fresh. Rob and I were in the very last row in the orchestra at the Orpheum, but I could still see really well, and the sound was amazing. I did really well and didn't cry until half way through the show, and then only once, during "To Sheila." I am still incredibly moved when Billy is singing, "You make me real." That show was the best. We got three encores! The band tore through "Cherub Rock" at the end and it was amazing. Billy's voice was so beautiful, but he also did a lot of rockin' screaming. They did a 17-minute version of "Heavy Metal Machine"!

Anyway, I've been listening to live Pumpkins and adoring Billy Corgan.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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