Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Here is the "before" picture of my sewing area. It's okay, I suppose. I really like the thread rack. That's a cookie sheet up there acting as my magnetic "inspiration board." There are also photos of my grandparents and one of me with my quilting grandmother. The framed portrait is my mom's senior picture! She hates it, but I love it. The cards that are up are all thank yous from family and friends for handmade gifts. I like to keep them because they make me feel appreciated. Maybe that's a little selfish, surrounding myself with the praises of others, but I like to remember the things I've made and the good homes I've given them to.

Anyway, this area needed a bit more help. You can see that my fabric basket is overflowing with rotary cutters and scissors, so I invested in a little improvement:

Meet my new pegboard! It's from Wall Control and was actually very affordable. It's steel, so it's magnetic, and it's blue! Rob helped me install it last week, and after two trips to the hardware store on Saturday to finally get the right hooks, I put it to work!

I am really loving it. It holds my scissors and my rotary cutters and my rulers and some spools of ribbon and my brand new bias tape makers, and I can still use magnets to hold up the things that I find inspiring! Love love love. Highly recommended.

What else is new with me? Not a whole lot. Rob and I had a nice, mellow weekend and a lovely anniversary dinner. On Saturday morning I actually watched the "new" Nancy Drew movie and I really liked it! I was going to hand-stitch while it was on but didn't because I became so enthralled! It was very very sweet and, as a big fan of the books, I felt it stayed true to the innocence and sweetness of the character. On Saturday night we watched Manda Bala, which was interesting. Then on Sunday night we rewatched Batman Begins, but I slept through the last 20 minutes or so because I was so tired. I spent all day reorganizing closets and cleaning bathrooms, minus the couple of hours to see Step Brothers, which was dumb and funny--and shouldn't that title be hyphenated? Anyway, it's a little surprising that I missed the end of Batman because I'm sort of in love with Cillian Murphy, even though he always plays creepy villain guys. It's something about those eyes and those well-defined cheekbones... *sigh*

Now, due to some unforeseen (and very unpleasant) circumstances, Rob and I find ourselves with an entire weekend ahead of us! Free! What will we do? See Vicky Cristina Barcelona, of course! Rob is a huge Woody Allen fan and we feel so fortunate to live someplace where we can actually see his new movies in the theater! When they come out! Unheard of. We are lucky that this genius man is so prolific, too.

In the middle of stressful bad-ness, I decided, on a whim, to join a mini quilt swap via a Flickr contact. Am I crazy? Time will tell...

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50 foot QE said...

I can't wait to start crafting again- as soon as our shipment arrives. And to connect with other crafty indian bound ladies.

Keep up the genious!I love your beauteous work!