Monday, September 15, 2008

Hearts mini-quilts

I received my swap quilt (pictured above)! It's from fairbanksfancygoods and it arrived on Saturday. Wow--how cool, huh? It is so colorful and so crazy and so "me," though something I probably never would've been able to do myself. So, it's perfect! I love the way she treated the hearts theme. For whatever reason, I thought there wouldn't be much variety in the hearts quilts; I was so wrong! You can see the group's Flickr photostream here

Here's a picture of the back. I love the fabric--it's so cute! The brown looks like stitches. You can see the excellent hand-quilting from the back. I am going to add some kind of hanging tabs to this because if I don't hang it up, the cats will steal it. They are already trying to take naps on it. Those crazy cats--they sure do love quilts! I think they have excellent taste. 

Here is a sneak peek of my hearts mini-quilt, which is going out in the mail today and should be received by Wednesday. I won't post full pictures of it until after it's been received. Here's a detail of one of the hearts, plus some of the quilting. 

Here's a shot of the back, showing some of my curlicue free-motion quilting (!!) and my new attempt at a label. As you can see, I attached the label before quilting, and I like the way it turned out! As you can also see, I'm having trouble embroidering my printing so it doesn't look like a second grader's. Oh well--guess I just need some more practice! Also, doesn't that pink flowered fabric look familiar?? (Hint: Check the first pic in this post for it in the blue colorway...!) 

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