Monday, October 13, 2008

More fabric (!)

Last week (or was it two weeks ago?) I got another fabric order from Fabric Depot in the mail. Look at some of these lovelies! They're from different lines and different brands, but I'm sure they were all on sale! ;)

These above were all part of a line called "Shiki" by Kumiko Sudo for In the Beginning fabrics. I was so drawn to the print on the right, then found the two leaf prints on the left. They were so lovely I just couldn't resist! 

I will readily admit that I have a fabric-buying problem (and, really, don't all of us quilters share that problem??). I don't think it's that bad, really, to spend money collecting beautiful things that happen to be fabrics, even though I'm now having trouble storing them all. Sometimes I buy fabric for specific projects (and I have a lot of pre-washed fabrics just waiting to be turned into dresses), but most of the time I don't. Like all of the fabrics above--I got them because I like them. Of course, I have to consider potential projects when deciding on yardages, but if I like something, I get 1/2 a yard. If I really like something, I get 1 yard. And if I like something so much that I might make a dress out of it, I get 1-1/2 yards. 

All of that isn't the problem. The problem I have (though I don't think I'm alone, here) is that I tend to hoard fabrics. Some things just seem too pretty to use. Or others I just hold on to, waiting for that perfect project to come along, though for much of my fabric stash I'm still waiting. So, what's a girl to do? Stop buying fabric? Start making things? A little of both? Just not more of neither. 

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