Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fat quarter score

This is a bit of a bittersweet post. A couple of weeks ago I took a Friday off work--just because I can!--and slept in, lazed around, etc. etc. What anyone would do on a rainy Friday at home. In the morning I'd gotten a call from a friend of mine saying that the little quilt shop in her building was going out of business and having a 40% sale. Sadly, I'd never made it to that quilt shop, mainly because it was a 9-5 store in a complex and was closed on weekends. Not easy for me to get to. So I figured what the heck, why not run over there? Rob was nice enough to agree to come with me (I bribed him with the promise of lunch!). 

I am so glad I went, because I totally scored. The inventory wasn't huge, but was pretty great. She had only Moda fabrics, which I thought was a little surprising, but evs. She also had a lot of pre-packaged things, like jelly rolls and charm packs and whatnot. Anyway, after some digging I found 13 fat quarters that I liked. They were $1 each! I also scored on some rubbery thimbles that I like. My local quilt shop sells similar ones for around $3, but these were $1 and 40% off that! So I did what anyone would do: I bought ten! 

Here are some more of the fat quarters I picked up. These were the biggest score of the day. I'd read about and seen these paint-by-number bird prints by Erin Michael for her "Uptown" line, but I'd never seen them in person. Wow! They are so fabulous! I snapped up everything that was left, but it was only a fat quarter in the three colorways above. Still--score!

This blue/teal one is my favorite (of course, right??). I'm trying to think of what to do with these, though I suspect I'll end up hoarding them for just the right projects. This one seems to want to become a whole cloth mini-quilt, with hand-quilting done along all the lines. Hmm... Other ideas for how I should use these precious fabrics? 

Also, I should note that my parents are in town for their annual visit from Wisconsin, so I am out of the office and away from the computer at home. This post was scheduled ahead of time (sneaky, aren't I?) as will be the next one. I hope to accomplish some hand work while they're here and post some finished projects late next week. Fingers crossed...