Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gifts for dudes, part 2

As I posted yesterday, dudes are hard to craft for. But what dude doesn't like robots?? That thought led me to create these: robot shrinky dink keychains! The picture above is the before, and the one below is the after!

Each robot was hand-drawn by me. On the white plastic I used Sharpies and colored on the front and the back, which was a bit of the mistake, since the color on the back of the plastic stuck to the paper when I removed them from the oven. I did what I could to touch them up after the fact, but I didn't redo any of them. This represents hours of work, people! The green robot on the bottom right was done with colored pencil on the clear plastic, and for the other two clear ones I used Sharpies as well. The colors bled a little because the plastic surface was rough, but they seem to have turned out okay, and the colors are really vibrant. 

On the backs of the white ones I colored the backs of the robots. This red one had to be touched up, but it looks pretty good here. I hope the boys don't notice. 

So, this pretty much wraps up my Christmas crafting for the year! I still have some things I haven't shown you yet, just in case they ruin the surprise for some, so that will be coming up yet, starting next week. I also have to make a catnip mouse for Bellow, and wrap presents for friends and for Rob, but all packages have been mailed! Well, except for my swap quilt, which I am really behind on this month. Maybe not the best idea to do that in December as well, even though I was in good shape with the crafted gifts. Oh well--live and learn. 

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