Monday, December 1, 2008

Long weekend crafting

I took full advantage of the long Thanksgiving weekend and got a ton of crafting done, including making a huge dent in my Christmas to-craft list! Of course, I can't show you everything yet, but here are some peeks at some of what I accomplished over the four-day weekend. First, I quilted my twin to my November swap quilt. I had run out of backing fabric so I wasn't able to complete them at the same time. 

Then I spent about a million hours embroidering tiny felt labels and blanket-stitching them to more felt. I had to do 8 or so, and I am SO thankful to be done with these! Sometimes assembly-line crafting can be a drag... 

Yesterday I spent way too long wrestling with my machine, breaking needles, and swearing to get it to stitch through too many layers of heavy cotton and interfacing. 

On Friday I made and attached my first scrappy binding! It looks pretty cute with just the binding clips on, so I'm excited to see the final project once I get all the hand-stitching done (hopefully by the end of this week)! 
What did you do with your extra crafting time? 

Be sure to stay tuned this week because I have LOTS of things to post about, and don't forget that I'm having a little crafty give-away on Wednesday for the Sew, Mama, Sew Give-Away Day! Happy December, everyone!

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