Monday, January 5, 2009

Some Christmas loot

Well, it's the new year and I'm trying to get back in the swing of things, including blogging. For whatever reason, doing anything but laying on the futon watching CSI was next to impossible for me while I was off for the holiday break. But now I'm back to work and, hopefully, back to the blog. I've had a few crafty exploits lately, but first I wanted to post about some of the awesome loot I got for the holiday. I guess for me it was the year of the necklace! From left to right, they are: 
  • Teacup necklace by Amy Belanger, via goodEGG industries. This was from my brother. LOVE!
  • Kitty necklace by Mark Poulin via Shana Logic. This was a little treat I found in my stocking. It is so cute! 
  • Freshwater pearl necklace, hand-knotted by my friend and coworker Lora. It is so much more beautiful than the photo shows. The irregularity of the pearls is so sweet and makes the color not so uniform--some are more blue or pink than others. It's really lovely. 
  • Wood and resin necklace by Garnish (home). This was from my husband and is probably my favorite of the necklaces (though that's a hard claim to make!) Just look at how cool it is: 
Yeah, pretty awesome. I've already worn all of these necklaces a couple of times each (and I have the teacup one on today). Also, they were all made by indie artists and crafters, so I am happy to support them with my gift-receiving! 

A gift from my sweet kitty Iris was this awesome shirt via BUST

Super cool. I really love the shirt and the throwback feminist screen print, but the tee itself is not so great. It's like a Hanes shirt or something (I was hoping for American Apparel) and has a not-so-great neckline and short sleeves that go almost to my elbows! I may have to take some shears to this and give it a mini-makeover. 

Also, from my mom, this Packer tee. It's really cute. I wore it the Sunday after Christmas while the Pack beat the Lions. The game was much closer than it should've been, but my mom still hopes the shirt will bring the Pack good luck next season. Fingers crossed. 

I also received some wonderful gifts, including: a new robe that feels like a wooby, slippers, a pair of Gingher stork embroidery shears, a Clover mini-iron with all the attachments, Son of Rambow, and a gift certificate to my local quilt shop. Nice. 

What did you get? 

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