Thursday, January 8, 2009

December STUD quilt sent

I received word yesterday that my partner has received my December mini-quilt for the Swap Til You Drop mini-quilt swap on Flickr, so now I can post pictures! December's theme was "sweet, sour, or savory." I had a number of different ideas, but decided to go with what I call "chocolate box". It's a modified bento box block pattern (modified in that I forgot to add the outer border to all blocks--whoops) made of three different fabrics: the raspberry dot, the super cool floral, and a tonal Japanese brown. 

I quilted each block with one free-motion circle around the inside four-patch, trying to simulate a filled chocolate in a chocolate box, but without being too literal. 

These are pictures of the good quilted blocks. The quilting on the others came out a little wonky. I was sick and rushing to get this out, though I didn't know my partner would be out of town for two weeks. I'm still waiting to receive my quilt, though she says I should have it early next week. Will post pics when it arrives. 

I am thinking about my January swap quilt now. The theme is "read it, sing it, watch it" and the quilt must be based on a book, song, or movie. After much debating, I'm going to do a quilt inspired by The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, my favorite Wes Anderson film. I have ideas in my head, but sketching and hopefully cutting and stitching will have to wait until the weekend, as I'm dealing with another bout of this congestion/head cold ickiness. Though, knock on wood, I think I'm almost out of it... 

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