Sunday, February 1, 2009

January STUD quilt sent

Sorry I've been quiet all week. I've been waiting for my partner to receive this mini before I posted on it. I'm also working on another baby shower gift, but it's not completed and not worth showing yet. More posts next week, I promise...

Here's the January S.T.U.D. mini-quilt that I made. It's inspired by the Life Aquatic, my favorite Wes Anderson film. And by "inspired by" I do not mean "literal representation of." I'm pretty firm about not wanting to craft like that. Anyway, I was inspired by the colors and shape and magic of the movie. I pulled in some of the colors for this quiltie, plus made it look a little wave-y, to echo the whole underwater theme.

Here's some detail of the quilting on the front. I did some echo quilting around the bias tapes and carried it between the blocks whenever feasible.

The technique for this quilt was new for me. It's from the book Easy Bias-Covered Curves. It's not like I hate curved piecing, but this book makes it easy peasy, especiallly if you want to design something yourself. Making bias tape is a little trickier for me, especially out of these batiks. It was especially hard to bind them. I broke two needles hand-stitching the binding on this one and the twin I made for myself.

Here's what the quilting looks like from the back. I think it really brings in that wateryness of the whole thing. This is possibly my favorite mini I've made for this swap so far. It's definitely in close competition with this one.


Journeying Five said...

Very nice! I lovely the look that the quilt has motion to it. Fabrics and blocks work well together.

Cami said...

Beautiful! i really like the quilting.

Mishka said...

Wow, this is gorgeous. Your swap partner is very lucky.

Love how you did the hanging on the back too, good idea.

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Isa said...

Very lovely. I really like the curved piecing.