Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A gift FOR me

Molly iPod case
Occasionally I realize that I make a lot of things for other people but very rarely do people make things for me (unless you count my swap quilts, which are for me but also made to fulfill an assignment). Last week I received a package from my wonderful friend Molly of Misadventures in Crafts (which is hilarious, by the way) containing this lovely iPod cozy she made. For me! Not only is it adorable and very well made, but it also saved what was possibly the saddest mail day EVER: I got the bill for Bellow's euthanasia. :(  It was still a very sad day, but this little bit of cotton and button certainly made things a lot better. Thanks, Molls, for saving the day! 


Anonymous said...

You're the bestest!

P.S. lo-ove the fabric in the background

Marisa said...

I love your little pouch! Now I want to make one. If only I could find the time...