Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dunny dollhouse

Dollhouse front

I hinted at this in an earlier post, but a friend just had his birthday and here's the full reveal of the gift I made him. He has an extensive collection of Dunnies, so I thought a house to hold them would be great!

Dollhouse open 2

I used this tutorial, which is great, plus a few of my own modifications. I omitted the handle, and instead of wrapping the canvas with batting I cut fusible fleece to size and then inserted the canvas after I'd sewn the pieces together.

Dunny + house

It's a silly gift, as I mentioned before, but was very well received. This is one of my Dunnies posing to show scale. This picture cracks me up! That doorknob is a puffball I glued on, so it's 3D. Very realistic!

I'm posting from Wisconsin right now, where I'm spending time with my family. Yesterday my grandmother and I went fabric shopping (and I got some total scores, but those will have to be documented when I get back next week). Today I am going to her house to spend two days working on quilts with this pattern, matching ones for each of us. The plan is a little ambitious, but this is more about the process than the results.

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