Monday, June 1, 2009

Leaf dress

leaf dress 2
Here's yet another dress I made recently. The pattern is similar to the one I worked up last summer on this dress, but with some changes. I used a pre-made bias tape to bind the neckline (duh! that was my major problem with the previous dress!) and this one has sleeves and a gathered ruffle at the hem.

giant sleeve!
The sleeves are awesome and huge! I adore them. I think they're the best thing about this dress. There are a lot of pleats at the shoulder. Instead of just hemming the sleeve, I made a casing and threaded through 11" of elastic. Oh man. I can't believe how awesome the sleeves are, and how comfy this dress is! Though 100% quilting cotton will do that, I guess...
leaf dress 3
There are still some kinks to be worked out of this pattern, including the bust darts, but in all I'm satisfied with the progress I've made on it. I'm loving my technique for zipper insertion, and I'm loving the fit of this dress! And also my new blue shoes from Target. Because a girl can never have enough blue shoes.

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