Friday, July 17, 2009

Craft FAIL: Summertime Blues apron

Summertime Blues apron 1
Ever since I got the book A Is for Apron I've been wanting to make the Summertime Blues apron. It is so cute! I love the idea of an apron that looks like a dress, and one you can wear out over your clothes. Well. This apron did NOT turn out as I'd hoped. 

Summertime Blues apron 3
I checked the reviews on Amazon and then the book's errata and had to reprint all of the templates for the apron because the enlargement percentages in the book are incorrect. But even with the "right" pieces, I still had to fudge some of the seams. In the end, I just think it looks really awful on me. There's a front shot showing how gap-y it is on my Flickr page, but I can't even bring myself to post that photo here. It's THAT bad (and you can see it at the link above, but beware). This is the third apron I've made from the book and the second that I've had major problems with. Something to consider before trying another one. 

I have a new apron in the works (and the pattern is from a different source) that I'm really hoping will turn out better. Stay tuned... 


Tabicat said...

I made that apron too. I custom ordered fabric from with my sister-in-law to-be's logo on it and nearly didn't have enough because of all of the mistakes in the pattern.

Had I not known how to sew and been able to "fudge" the percentage errors and just overall mistakes, I would have had a huge investment ruined.

I sympathize.

Karissa said...

@Tabicat - WOW, that sounds horrible! Thankfully my fabrics weren't expensive of precious; I can't imagine how I'd feel if I'd been in your shoes! Glad to hear you were able to salvage it!