Monday, November 9, 2009

Gifted: Another birthday hippo

Cynthia hippo 4
Apologies (again!) for being gone for so long. Between having to share Rob's computer at home and being swamped at work, I've definitely fallen behind in my posting of things. Not helpful is the fact that I've had gifts made but have not had a chance to give them to their recipients! But that has been remedied, so watch for a lot of posts from me in the near future.

Cynthia hippo 2
This hippo is one of those gifts that was completed and then sat in my apartment for a month before reaching its recipient. It's a birthday gift for my friend Cynthia. She's an artist, so I opted for a little more crazy combination of fabrics, but I think it's still adorable! I do love these hippos so much.

Two hippos
Here he is with my repro hippo. Aren't they cute together?


Anonymous said...

I have GOT to make one of these! They are so flippin cute!

vwgirl9 said...

these hippos are adorable... i want a pattern... where do i get one

Karissa said...


The pattern is one I modified quite a bit; here's a link to my original post on these hippos: