Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hunter's Star quilt top

Hunter's Star top
I took a class for this in the first week in October and am just now posting pictures of it! Ugh--life. The class basically teaches you how to use Deb Tucker's "Rapid-Fire Hunter's Star" ruler. I'm a visual learner, but just looking at the ruler kind of freaked me out, so I'm glad I had the class to walk me through it. Also, it was the first class I'd taken in a looooong time (a year? more?) and it was great just to spend a day at my LQS with my quilting friends!

Hunter's Star detail
The ruler lets you make the same pattern in up to 4 different fabrics, but I wanted to keep it simple and opted for a lovely sage green repro and a white Moda Bella solid. Oh my, are those solids lovely to work with! I usually use Kona solids, but these Bellas have such a lovely hand... Anyway. I'm very impressed with my points! I'm not usually a picky stitcher--my motto tends to be "good enough for who it's for"--but even I was quite impressed with those sharp points and the way even the star center came together so easily. It was said a number of times in my class that it's a very forgiving block, and I always thought, "Yeah, right," but it really is!

Hunter's Star border star
For the border I wanted to finish the stars (tricky, but worth it) but wanted to bleed them into my border fabric, a Kona solid in a 30s green that I like to use a lot. I like the way they look kind of floating there.

This still has to be quilted, and I may add another 1" or so of the green to the border just so there's some definite distance between the stars and the binding. When finished, I think this'll hang on the wall near my sewing machine. I have plans in the works for two more smaller quilts using the same ruler/technique, so it wasn't THAT bad!

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