Monday, November 16, 2009

Sequined belt re-do

Belt redo 4
Remember back here when I wrote about the crafty swap I did with my friend Hilary? What I didn't mention in that post is that Hilary also dropped off a bag of fabric scraps from a handbag designer (??) that she thought I could use as well as a sequined belt that she asked me to do something with. I came up with this bag! I had it done for a good month, but because the car died, I wasn't able to give it to her until this past Friday.

Belt redo inside
The outer fabric of the bag is some kind of a denim, though it unraveled really quickly, which made it a little difficult to work with. I just top-stitched scraps of the heavier cottons (they're odd, like cotton glued to duck cloth??) on to the one side, then pieced the entire thing together. The lining is a great cotton stripe that I had on hand that I thought would match perfectly!

Belt redo 1
The handles are faux (I think) leather, and I added them in when I stitched the lining to the outside, then top-stitched the entire thing. I added the sequined belt last. It was a little tricky, and I originally planned on hand-stitching it on, but I did some quick tests and decided I could use my machine. My machine was a little unhappy, but we all got through it, and the finished project was done in less than an hour!

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