Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Getting in the spirit...

I'm back! I really didn't mean to take such a long bloggy break, but, well, life... I finally was able to download the nearly 200 photos on my camera last night (Rob is not so good with the laptop sharing). Of course, I can't post many of them yet, but in a few days they'll ALL be post-able. It will definitely take me some time to catch up on my gift blogging.

Iris stocking 1
This is something I completed a number of weeks ago. Poor Iris had a stocking, but it wasn't very cute (pastel pink?? unlined??), so I made her this one. The fabrics are leftovers from a holiday quilting project (photos of that TK soon!) and I just traced her existing stocking and went from there.

Iris stocking embroidery
It is fully lined, and the cuff has her name embroidered. I did it really quickly, just using a simple backstitch (is that what it's called?) and some leftover metallic quilting thread, also from the secret project to be posted soon. I used two or three strands, I can't remember, and made letters about 1.5" high. She deserved something nice, for being such a fantastic kitty!

(that photo at the top makes me incredibly happy)

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to make some stockings this year, but I just never got around to it. Did you follow a pattern? Because that stocking is ADORABLE!

And don't ever stop blogging for so long again! Your sewing inspires me to get crafty!