Friday, January 15, 2010

Gifted: Scarves for everyone!

Xmas scarves 6
As I usually do, this year I chose one handmade gift and then proceeded to make a dozen of it to give out to pretty much everyone. This year? Quilted scarves!

Xmas scarves 1
These are fantastic for a number of reasons: 1) mega stash-busting! including batting and quilting thread! 2) patchwork = they go with everything 3) who doesn't need a scarf? 4) lined with flannel = a quilt around your neck! What's cozier than that?!

Xmas scarves 3
No, really, I love these. I made the first one as a prototype and then kept it for myself. I have a fairly lengthy daily commute on public transportation, and you would not believe how many compliments I've gotten! So, to all you people who I gifted scarves to, I hope you're getting the same compliments!

Xmas scarves 5
There's been such interest in these around my LQS that I may be doing up a little tutorial and teaching a class (!!) Really, though, they are so easy. I just pieced and quilted my fabric onto the batting at the same time. So, put down piece 1, quilt a line or two through it, put down piece 2 on top of piece 1, right sides together, sew the seam and sew through the batting at the same time, fold down piece 2, etc. Then I re-trimmed the batting/patchwork, placed it face down on the flannel, stitched around (leaving an opening), trimmed corners, turned right-side out, pressed pressed pressed, topstitched. Done!

Xmas scarves 2
I used a couple of half-full spools of quilting thread and was happy to be done with those. I can never tell how far I can get with a spool like that, so I'm often reluctant to start using it on a large-ish project. These were perfect, and piecing with the quilting thread didn't make any difference, just added a little color.

Handmade Xmas
So, the picture above shows most of what I made to give away for Christmas. Most. There's still a bit more, so stay tuned...


Rita @ Mochi Studios said...

These scrappy scarves are so fabulous! and how cool that you're gonna teach a class at your LQS!!! You'll be famous! I love all your beautiful creations :)

West Michigan Quilter said...

Your scarves are beautiful! I'm going to try one. If you do a tutorial, please let me know and I'll talk about it on my blog and create a link.

Vals Quilting said...

I love these scarves, I'm like you I seem to make tonnes of something when it's cute :) I made a few silk scarves this year and they were a hit!!