Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gifted: Yoga bag for Mom

yoga bag with mat 1
Still catching up on holiday gifting posts... Seriously, I have at least a few more! I guess that just goes to show how busy I was then and still am? Anyway, for Christmas I made my mom this quilt, but I also made her this yoga bag. It was a special request and doesn't have a pattern. It's modeled after one owned by another woman in my mom's yoga class. My mom has done her fair share of sewing and knew exactly what pictures to take and what measurements to give me so I could rub off this design. By all accounts (hers and those of her yoga classmates), the resemblance is uncanny.

yoga bag bottom
The bag is different from most yoga bags because it is roomier. The bottom circle is about 6" across, but the bag is much wider and is pleated in order to fit nicely at the base. That way there is room in the bag for yoga blocks, water bottle, etc. etc. I used all fabric I had on hand to whip this up and it really didn't take that long. If I were to do it again there are some things I'd change, but not much. Glad you like it, Mom!

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