Monday, February 8, 2010

Tethered Threads: January

Tethered Threads Jan blocks
These are the blocks I made for Rebecca for the January edition of my Tethered Threads quilting block party. All of her fabrics are the new Heather Bailey Nicey Jane, and they sure are nice! Rebecca just gave us freedom to do whatever, so I did some more improv piecing and pretty much like what I came up with.

Tethered Threads Jan block 1
I think I was thinking "garden" with this first block. I wanted to let some of the larger prints do their thing, like that green one and the pink and orange one on the far right. My original plan was to not use the pink in the border on the left and bottom and have the corners of the squares touch, but I went a little too big on that bottom left square and didn't want to chop anything off, so did a little more improv to make this work.

Tethered Threads Jan block 2
This block just kinda came together organically as well. I just wanted to continue using up all the small pieces I had, so once I pieced the log cabin blocks, I just went to town. I really liked using these fabrics and the freshness that results from all of them together. I didn't add anything of my own to these blocks and used up every last thread that Rebecca sent, too! There are more seams here than I typically work with, but I still think the overall effect is nice.

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