Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hunter's Star quilt for me

Hunter's Star
I am still getting to know Gloria, getting comfortable with her. So far, so good (knock on wood), but we haven't spent much time together yet, and I will admit I'm still pretty timid. I also have a number of projects to catch up on from when I was exclusively using my Brother, and this is one of them.

Hunter's Star on wall
This was my first Hunter's Star quilt, started in a class and then left to languish through the holidays while I finished these other quilts. I wrapped it up in late December/early January, and it now hangs near my crafting station in our second bedroom (referred to in our house as the "rec room").

Hunter's Star front and back
I quilted this one in the same way I quilted the other two, minus the metallic thread--I just used a white piecing thread instead. I love the way it echoes the star shape inside and out, and it looks cool from the back, too.

Hunter's Star detail 2
So, the bottom line on these quilts: The pattern is a little fussy, yet forgiving. Piecing the stars into the border makes a huge difference--it's a lot of extra work, but I think it looks awesome. The overall result is impressive (if I do say so myself) and worth the effort.

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